Diving Into Social Entrepreneurism

Posted on September 30, 2015 by - Shola's Posts

It goes without saying that I’ve been busy with a lot of projects this year! With that in mind, I wanted to give an update about one of my key endeavours. It’s called “The 1000 Project,” and it’s focused on the concept of social entrepreneurism. The basic idea is one of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, each of us involving ourselves in something bigger to bring something positive to the world at large.

The purpose of the project itself is to help struggling entrepreneurs build websites that will encourage growth and prosperity in their business. This came as a natural extension of my web design business, Coolours, Inc… a way to give back to the small business community in a way that suits my expertise and skills. Naturally, The 1000 Project is also working with other companies and entrepreneurs to expand the scope of the endeavour. We’re looking for sponsors, volunteers, and other socially-conscious people to help out with various aspects of the project.

(We’re also taking applications from entrepreneurs who don’t currently have a web presence and need a helping hand, so if you fall into that category, click this link and apply now! – Free Application)

It’s an ambitious project, and at the end of the day I know we’ll be able to help out a lot of people. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the1000project.org or feel free to contact me directly!

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