Naomi’s Revelation – E-book


Christian Fiction/Family

Pre-teens (tweens)

Language: English

Product Description

In Naomi’s Revelation, we’re introduced to a single day in the lives of a mother and her two daughters. Through gripping anticipation, the short story slowly uncovers a day filled with warmth, laughter and the experience of a lifetime. How will the trio react? And can they ever return home the same?

Written by Shola Lawrence, a mother of three, Naomi’s Revelation is a story designed to reveal the unique nature of peace and thankfulness in our lives. Naomi’s character is a fresh-faced girl from a family of three, lost in the excitement of a single day: Her birthday. Throughout the story, readers uncover her unique approach to life and reaction to the theatrical performance of a lifetime.

Naomi’s Revelation is the first in a series of e-books geared for tween girls – inspired by the author’s own eleven-year-old daughter of the same name. It’s a series that demonstrates the remarkable power of thankfulness and a child-like appreciation for even the smallest things in life.


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