Shola Lawrence began her career as an Online Entrepreneur. She has worked with high profile international clientele such as Vanity Fair, London; several African companies; international businesses in Sweden, Portugal, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Canada Switzerland, Los Angeles and Oscilloscope Laboratories in New York City.

Her vast experience in marketing and branding strategies, coupled with extensive business development and project management leadership has allowed her to scale the visibility, profitability, and performance of many projects to incredible new levels.


Lawrence is also the Managing Director, Owner, and Founder of Thrillscape 3D in London. She is the operational mastermind behind this highly-successful turnkey business which provides special effects glasses, in both 3D and non-3D format. Thrillscape 3D focuses on clientele in the broadcast and film industries, as well as service and retail businesses that are seeking innovative products or marketing channels.

Thrillscape 3D’s roster of clients includes Merlin Entertainments, Revolver Entertainment, Madman Films, Mammoth TV and many others worldwide.

Her background also includes work within government and in the court systems as a Court Officer.

She has authored two fictional short stories, Naomi’s Revelation and Waking Up Eighty, which are available for purchase here on this website. Both ebooks are also available to download on Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, Kobo and the ibookstore.